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I was sorting out my painting miniatures recently, following our house move. Clearing out the old and tidying up the new, that sort of thing. I was putting all the minis from the various games, assessing what i had completed and what I hadn’t so that if a visitor expressed a desire to play e.g. Burning of Prospero, I knew whether the minis were painted or not and if so, where they were. It turns out that, either by forgotten design or a common-or-garden brain fart, I had painted all the Iron Armour marines as Space Wolves. That wasn’t so bright, I needed a squad of Thousand Sons or the game would be wrong! I lacked a spare squard of Iron Armour or similar 30K miniatures and didn’t want to buy a set as I have more marines knocking around than I will ever get round to painting (and I sold off a big box recently too!). Instead I fished out some ‘old’ marines, making a squad of marines from the Imperial Space Marines, Space Crusade, and 2nd Edition box set (with a Tactical Space Marine as a sergeant). I gave them a random set of weapons to imply that this is a rag-tag collection fighting a guerrila war in the ashes of their home using whatever weapons they can find. Painted them as quickly and as roughly as I could (maybe contrast paints will make this sort of thing even easier). Nice work. Now does anyone want a game of Burning of Prospero?