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I recently tracked down a copy of Battle Masters from ebay.  My brother had this back when I was a kid, and we got plenty of games out of it.  I don;t remember painting any of the models back then, so this is all new to me.  The models aren’t great, but are fairly typical of one-piece plastics from the early 90s.  My favourite is the Ogre – I’m going to keep on buying BM Ogres until I’ve got a small regiment of them!

As BM is a good game, I have decided to keep the miniatures as BM playing pieces, which means affixing them to the large green plastic bases.  I’ve painted these to a basic standard (even by my basic standards) but I hope that it’s good enough.   In order to imply that they are Nurgle worshippers I have given then a dull green trim and dark green cloak.


Battle Masters Chaos Warriors