Roll up, roll up, it’s Nargob da ‘banga and ‘is Amazing Mental Clown Parade!


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‘e duz tricks, ‘e blows things up wiv ‘is mind, ‘e’ll make yer grotz widdle ’emselves!

Nargob is a Weirdboy who really enjoys being weird.  Where most weirdboyz are looking for an excuse to go and sit somewhere quietly out of the way, Nargob is looking for a war to fight.  He gets a thrill out of seeing how much power he can channel.  He particularly enjoys overloading over psykers and causing their heads to explode.  Long ago he left his minders behind and disappeared off in search of bigger and better battles, and along the way he has picked up a load of madboyz who sing and chant for him, doing tricks and pratfalls.  They travel from waaagh to waaagh, performing for da boyz and searching for psykers that Nargob can pit himself against.  He’s not found his match yet!

Rhino recovery time!


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Nothing for months and months and then I finish two things in quick succession!  I’m quite pleased with this Rhino, considering that it is built from spare parts.  The main chassis and both side constructs all came from different rhinos previously built and then wrecked by hobbyists of yore.  I think I’ve covered most of the imperfections pretty well!  The biggest issue I had, aside from getting the mix-n-match parts to fit together, was when I sprayed it grey.  I’d heard about what can happen if you spray in a damp environment, but hadn’t really taken it in.  I won’t be making that mistake again!

I’ve assigned this Rhino to the 3rd Company, where it will be a dedicated transport for an assault squad.


Bring on the trolls!


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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything finished (apart from a squad of Space Marine Terminators that I completely forgot about), but I have finally finished a small gang of trolls.  These beauties were mostly sculpted by Drew Williams from the Oldhammer Facebook group.  There’s also a metal Citadel River Troll in there too.  I chose to paint them blue because it’s not a colour I use very often, and I am mostly happy with it.  I think that I should have gone a bit lighter, and I definitely should have remembered to remove the mold lines from one of the heads, but in general I am very happy with these.


Waargh! dakka dakka! It’s Grimsnik’s ‘ouse’old boyz!


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Now lissen up you stoopid grotz, if you wanna field an Ork army, dere is three units wot youse got to take.  WUN!  you need a warboss, an you need a big tuff one.  TOO! you need a ret-in-yoo for yer boss, so ‘e ‘as his tuff mates an’ ‘is oddboyz and stuff to ‘ang around and do sum fightin’ wiv ‘im.  an’ FUR-EE you need a Bigmob so you ‘as some boyz to do all the shootin’ and sum more fightin’ if da nobz ‘ave got any spare stuntiez wot need killin’.  Da Bigmob has da boyz from da warboss’s ‘ouse’old.  When ‘e goes to war he ‘as to take the most boyz or da uvver nobz will wanna know why their boyz is doin all da fightin’ and ‘is boyz are sittin at ‘ome playin’ with demselves.  In real life ov course da warboss would take ‘undreds or thousands of boyz, but cos dis is pretend war for weedy oomans dere is just twenny boyz.  An’ bloody ‘ell paintin’ dat lot was quite a mishun I can tell yer.  Anyhoo, dis lot is Grimsnik’s Bad Moon Bigmob.  Most of ’em are proper Oldhammer Orkses but dere is a couple of noo ones in dere too  makin up da numbers.  Dey look ‘ard but is probly well weedy.  We’ll make ’em go in front ha ha.  OI stuntiez check out dese lads ha ha.  Notice that I ‘ave given ’em too ‘eavy plasma guns for making big ‘ot ‘oles in tanks. Get a brew on!

It’s Always Beer O’Clock Somewhere… Bugman’s Cart & Dwarf Guards


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In all the Cities and Counties of the Old World, Dwarven ex-pats live and work alongside humans.  They labour in smiths and mills, in mines and guardrooms.  They put together militia and regiments for their communities.  They live alongside humans, as friends, colleagues, and comrades.  But in every human pub, inn, bar, and tavern, everywhere that dwarf and man drink together, the same complaint is heard… “this beer tastes like piss”.  In order to keep the dwarf diaspora in beer, hundreds of carts leave the mountains every year, travelling across the extent of the Old World to reach eager customers sick of the watery human brew.  In order to protect these carts, guards are hired.  Occasionally a slayer or two might join the wagon, in the hope that a thirsty troll shows up along the way.

Aside from the Hero Quest miniature a few years ago, when I first started painting, these are the first Dwarfs I have done.  I’m quite pleased with them, particularly the beards on a couple of the Ironbreakers.

The Bugman’s Cart came out of my bits box incomplete.  I used a couple of bits of sprue to remake the yoke, ordered some wheels from Ramshackle Miniatures, and used a random pack horse from the leadpile – if you know where the horse comes from, do let me know!  I am happy with the conversion work, though I think I could have done better.  I’ve painted the carter to look like he’s wearing denim dungarees and site boots, though I’m unsure how obvious this is.  To paint the horse I followed some instruction from WD 197 (I think), which mostly looks ok but I think I need some more practise.

The guards are from a variety of ranges and represent all the dwarfs I could find in the leadpile.  There’s a plastic dwarf, which I thought came from the PBS3 Warhammer Regiments Box, but checking now shows that I’m wrong about that.  Can you recognise the plastic dwarf with axe and shield?  Three dwarves are mid-90s Ironbreakers.  Two are 00s LOTR dwarfs – one was missing his hands, the other had lost both arms along the ways.  The dwarf missing his hands was easy enough to repair, but the dwarf sans arms was a bit trickier.  I have plenty of dwarf arms knocking about, but only in heroic scale.  I hope that the banner helps to disguise this a bit!  If anyone asks, its because he skips leg day.  Finally there is a 90s Trollslayer and a Hasslefree dwarf.  Both are lovely models that I really enjoyed painting, but it is with the Hasslefree dwarf that that the scale difference really shows between Kev White’s realism and the Citadel heroic.

All in all, this project took a long time, and I’m pleased with it.  Some bits could have been done better, but I learnt a few new idea and techniques and hopefully the next lot will be better.  I hope you like this unit!


For Dorn! 30K Imperial Fists



By golly, yellow is difficult.  This was a squad that I really came to hate.  I never felt like I was getting closer to getting it right.  In the end I gave up and hurried my way through, just being thankful that I was a squad closer to finishing painting my Betrayal At Calth minis and that was that.

This was also the first time I’ve used transfers.  That was a lesson too.


Honour Guard squad


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Good afternoon everyone, here’s a second set of Space Marine Honour Guard to follow the one I did a few months ago.  It started as an excuse to renovate Honoured Brother Asmir, who I’ve posted before very early in this blog.  Asmir got himself broken, so he needed a repair job, which I used as an excuse to put him on a base and slightly improve the paintjob.  The other two are some of my favourite RT period Space Marines.  The chap with the bionic bits is a a fantastic model, I’m counting that odd sword as a relic blade!  The Ultramarines Captain is another great miniature, but it took so long to paint.

Renegade Oddboyz mob: Da Big Gunz


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One muddy afternoon on a battlefield on a planet called Laroche, on the edge of the Coronid Deeps, a Mek called Wazguk and a Runtherd called Skumsol, met for the first time as they took shelter in a crater.  Wazguk complained that his Warboss wouldn’t let him use a Shokk Attack Gun.  Skumsol complained that his Warboss wasted perfectly good Snottyz on mine clearance.  At that moment an idea was born.  Shortly after this the two of them said “sod dis lark” and nicked off with a shuttle,  whatever raw materials they could pilfer, and a Painboy called Gutz who caught them nicking some bitz and fancied coming along for the ride.   Since then Wazguk has been building artillery pieces, Skumsol has been breeding the bravest Snotlings he can, and Gutz has been trying to work out how to wire Grotz into a Dred.



I’ve been working on these on and off for a few months now.  I’m pretty pleased with them.  A nice mix of Oldhammer and Newhammer models that work well together.  The biggest problem was painting Snotlings.  I got so bored.  There were going to be 8 Snotling bases involved but after four, like the Oddboyz, I said sod dis lark.


Dyb dyb dob… Space Marine Scouts

Finished recently are this squad of Space Marine Scouts for my Steel Guard.  This squad is the first time I’ve ever painted any Scouts, and includes early Advanced Space Crusade plastics, Rogue Trader metals, mid-period metals, and modern plastic kit Scouts.

I am NOT a fan of the modern plastic kits.  It must be admitted that the modern plastics in this squad came from junk lots, and needed extensive repair work just to look like they do.  Perhaps if I had them fresh on the sprue and didn’t have to deal with someone else’s mess, then I might have enjoyed them more.  The old ASC plastics are lovely though, and the metals were all a joy to paint as well.

Without further ado, here they are, presented against a WIP building I might finish one day.

“Death From Below!” – Chaos Cultist Mole Mortar


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A few years ago, when I first started buying miniatures, I found something interesting in a job lot.  It looked a bit like a Citadel Miniatures Mole Mortar, but upon examination it was actually homemade.  What a good idea, I thought, and then forgot all about it for ages.  Coming across it later I decided that the creator’s work should be honoured.  It’s a good job, if a bit rough around the edges, I’m not sure I could make a better Mole Mortar myself.

The original paintjob was a bit scuffed, but was suitably oldhammer friendly – with “death from below”, a winged bomb, and kill tallies painted on.  I didn’t change anything, just added a bit of shadow, some green lines for the control panel screen, and some rough edge highlights.

As I have lots of Chaos Cultists, it made sense that this was a repurposed Imperial mortar, and anyway, Cultists are always fun to make.  These two are well along the Eightfold Path, mutation stealing away their humanity.  I’ll leave it to the reader to identify the parts used.

Finally I added some fencing to cover up the least convincing part of the Mole Mortar, and to make it look more like an artillery emplacement.  Those two had better hope no Space Marine sees them using that old helmet, or there might be trouble!