Chaos Dwarf daemon-machines!


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What a lovely experience it was, painting this little warband of Chaos Dwarfs. The wonderful bumcannon monster is by Old School Miniatures, in homage of course to the legendary limited release bumcannon of yore. The tenderiser is mostly the original, though missing its shield and the lower half of the daemon pushing it. I replaced that with an old plastic boar. The chap with the lobster arm is from Hasslefree, whose sculpt is clearly based on the dwarf Yorri from an illustration in (I think) Ignorant Armies.

This was a great little project and one I really enjoyed. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Big Mek Gorrunt’s Gang – Outcast Retinue


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The Freebooterz book is an amazing thing. It allows you to build almost any Ork army you want. All you need to do is pick a Warboss and his retinue, and a bigmob of at least ten Orks, then after that Freebooterz is your guide for making a fantastic army using whatever takes your fancy. The Outcast Retinue mob allows you to use a different clan to your main clan and still take whatever special rules that second clan has. Now, I haven’t got a main clan yet (though I have Goff and Bad Moonz clan Orks), so an Outcast Retinue is a pretty pointless thing to have. Still, the dice rolls were in, and an Outcast Retinue it was. I then rolled for a clan and it was Evil Sunz. But I’ve just finished a red, vehicle-based mob! An Evil Sunz Retinue offers you two Meks (and their associated odddbitz), plus cheap vehicles. But we’re not going to do that! This Retinue is missing all the things that make it an Evil Sunz Retinue! Mostly, this is because almost all my minis were already packed for my house move. One day I’ll add a load of vehicles to it, I’ve already bought one of the cool new Ork vehicles (did I say this last time, I love the new Ork vehicles, but I hate the modern Ork minis and flufff), and I will add a couple of tanks or something. The looted rhino (counts as a battlewagon) came in a lot I bought a few years ago and is a rough and ready conversion that didn’t need a lot of messing with. I cleaned up the paint job, added a few more bitz and some weathering and hoped that covered up the worst of it. The story behind this retinue is that a telly-porta accident seperated them from the rest of the clan, leaving the warboss, the boyz, the wagons, the runtz, and all the perks of kultur somewhere entirely different to the retinue. Following a period of adjustment, during which Big Mek Gorrunt ascerted his domination through a judicious use of a giant power klaw, they are now back and looking for a scrap. As any Ork knows, a wagon and a bike aren’t enough speed for Evil Sunz, they need more vehicles and they’re willing to fight for them!

Assassinorum: Execution Force! completed


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Another completed box set here.  When I got back into painting miniatures, there were just three games and everyone was crying out for new games but GW were like, you’ll have three and like it.  When this was released we all got excited and expected it to be a one-off buy since them there have been more boxed games than I can count, certainly more than I can paint.  So I stopped buying them, realising that my interests were too wide and my painting not quick enough.  So I let the Warhammer Quest sets pass me by despite them being lovely.  I’ve ignored Age of Sigmar, despite some of the minis being great.  I bought the Dark Imperium last year mind, and am still working on it.. How can a person paint so much?  But this year has seen so many great box sets that I have had to ask for GW vouchers for Christmas… Kill Team Rogue Trader set, Speed Freeks, and Blackstone Fortress all call to me.  TOO MUCH HOBBY!?!?!?!1111

So yeah the assassins are lovely minis, and the chaos guys are a pleasure to paint.  I’ve modified the callidus a bit because the hair was ridiculous even by the standards of the 41st millenium.  I couldn’t let it stand. 

Ancient Binahus, Rogue Trader dreadnought


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Next out of the leadpile is a rebuilt Rogue Trader dreadnought.  I do like these models, whether long or short of leg they really feel like an archaic machine.  The face on the sarcophagus is great, giving a sense of the inhuman and megalithic!  It feels like quite a dramatic mini, considering how slab-like and immovable the sculpt is.  That’s the sign of a good sculptor, I think.  You can imagine this pulverising its way through a battleline, small arms fire bouncing off it and power-fists laying low anyone who came near! This particular one has been rebuilt.  The left side (facing the dread) has had the circular shoulder piece replaced by green stuff as it was missing.  One of the bolters was also missing and has been replaced with a standard bolter.  Due to the lack of detail this is a challenging mini to paint, and I think I did OK considering how average my painting skills are. 

Deathwatch Overkill Genestealer Cult


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Finally finished painting up the Genestealer Cult from the Deathwatch Overkill boxset.  These are lovely modern miniatures with lots of fidddly detail but not so much that its overwhelming.  I found these tricky to paint, but I think that mostly I did alright.  I painted this army in three blocks, months apart, and I think that sometimes it shows – the finishing isnt as good on some of the earlier stuff.  I might add a rockcrusher (or whatever they’re called) to this army.  I also saw some bikes and quad bikes that are due for adding to the Genestealer Cults army, and those are pretty good too.  As if I don’t already have enough to paint!

Orktober! Bad Ork Bikeboyz


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Hello everyone, its Orktober again, and its nice to see so many people painting Orks in celebration of the happiest time of year.  GW have done well, releasing some properly Orky vehicles and a new game that I might pick up if I find a spare ninety quid at some point in the near future.  My Orktober has mostly been spent packing boxes, as I am moving house, and indeed country.  I am moving to Caerdydd, where they speak a different language.  What’s Welsh for “more dakka, ladz!”??

My contribution to Orktober is one that I’m not really very happy with.  To use a common expression, “they’re a bugger to paint”.  Four 2nd Edition warbikes, and a tiny RT warbike.  He’s the yoof, on his practise bike!  Actually, the RT bike was a pleasure to paint, but the plastic ones not so much.  I simply don’t think that they are very good minis.  The scale is better, but they feel like a cheap children’s toy rather than a finely detailed collector’s model!  I also had to repair and rebuild them, all of them being scrap from the bitzbox.  I think I did alright but compared to some of my previous Freebooter mobz I don’t get the warm glow of success!

Never-mind, its all a learning curve.  I present to you Magog and his Bad Ork Bikeboyz, the only survivors of an Evil Sunz warband who were wiped out by Space Marines.  They survived because they drove right through the Marines and off into the distance, more into going fast than shooting.  By the time they calmed down, turned round, and found the battle again there was nothing left of their old warband.  Now they’re Freebooterz, willing to fight in exchange for food and fuel.


Imperial Guard Land Speeder


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A relic of years passed when Land Speeders were a support choice for the Imperial Guard.  this is a lovely miniature that was a pleasure to paint.  I’m pleased with the way this turned out, I think the crewmen especially came out alright.  I was least pleased with the tiny repair job I did, replacing a missing under-slung bolter with a plastic bolter from a modern Space Marine tank.  I decided not to put any iconography on the Land Speeder so that it could be used as either a loyalist or traitor army, depending on my mood.


“Hold this thing steady whilst I take a shot…”

Brother-Techmarine Baris


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Another Techmarine.  I think I need to start painting some of the other specialists of the Steel Guard, they’re lacking Librarians and Chaplains.  The Techmarines are fun to paint though.

I must say that I have real trouble getting enough light and no shadows in my photography.  Learning to paint (ish) has been hard enough, learning to get good photos seems to be something else I need to do now.



Brother Baris is in a very artificial pose here.

Ancient Binahus, Space Marine Dreadnought


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Ancient Binahus is a great hero of the chapter whose mortal body was reduced to a thick meaty paste by Orks one afternoon.  His brain, bits of nervous system, and a few rashers of crispy marine bacon were interred into a dreadnought so that he could fight on.  But his dreadnought is also his chapter’s secret shame.  Don’t tell anyone, but this Steel Guard paintjob hides an earlier Ultramarines job!  Can it be that the Steel Guard have yoinked one of their allies’ dreads?


Binahus is a dedicated tank killer with a multi-melta and power claw.

Back! And with more Battlemasters!


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I haven’t really been anywhere, I’ve been painting plenty of things, but somehow never got around to taking photos and putting them up here… poor blogging form.

Still working my way through the Battlemasters pile.  Once these models are all painted there will be two fine armies, although I might need to go back to the beginning and repaint some of the early figures!  I’ve improved gradually over the years and I expect some of the first BM minis I painted will look even more amateurish than my usual output!  If that ever happens I will of course take some bad photos of the armies!

20180924 Beastmen

Savage Beastmen wave their choppers in the air!

20180924 Gobbos vs Knights

Knights Panther and Gobbo Wolf Boyz meet in battle!

20180924 Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights Panther and Lord Knights charge into battle!

20180924 Orcs

Some battle hungry Orcs!