Ancient Binahus, Space Marine Dreadnought


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Ancient Binahus is a great hero of the chapter whose mortal body was reduced to a thick meaty paste by Orks one afternoon.  His brain, bits of nervous system, and a few rashers of crispy marine bacon were interred into a dreadnought so that he could fight on.  But his dreadnought is also his chapter’s secret shame.  Don’t tell anyone, but this Steel Guard paintjob hides an earlier Ultramarines job!  Can it be that the Steel Guard have yoinked one of their allies’ dreads?


Binahus is a dedicated tank killer with a multi-melta and power claw.


Back! And with more Battlemasters!


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I haven’t really been anywhere, I’ve been painting plenty of things, but somehow never got around to taking photos and putting them up here… poor blogging form.

Still working my way through the Battlemasters pile.  Once these models are all painted there will be two fine armies, although I might need to go back to the beginning and repaint some of the early figures!  I’ve improved gradually over the years and I expect some of the first BM minis I painted will look even more amateurish than my usual output!  If that ever happens I will of course take some bad photos of the armies!

20180924 Beastmen

Savage Beastmen wave their choppers in the air!

20180924 Gobbos vs Knights

Knights Panther and Gobbo Wolf Boyz meet in battle!

20180924 Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights Panther and Lord Knights charge into battle!

20180924 Orcs

Some battle hungry Orcs!

Kaptin Durskab’s Fiery Flashaz!: Freebooter Flash Gitz


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There are few pleasures greater than modelling Rogue Trader Orks.  Lots of dice rolling and consulting of tables, then figuring out how to fit it all together, then finding the parts and building the models, and finally many hours worth of painting.  All the things I enjoy about this hobby!

The two biggest influences on this mob were 1) rolling five times on the ranged weapons chart, and getting four flamers; and 2) rolling five times and the bioniks chart, and getting some fantastic modelling challenges.

Without further ado, may I present Kaptin Durskab and his Fiery Flashaz!

Flash Gitsz Mob

Kaptin Durskab’s Fiery Flashaz!


One half of the mob


And the other half


Durskab himself. He has an explosive cranium and a power axe.


This boy has a bionic arm with a kustom autocannon that is almost impossible for him to hit anything with.



this boy is holding an autocannon like a bolter!


this boy has a stainless steel skull and the flamer from a chaos landraider.


this boy’s flamer was built from an ork bolter and RTB01 flamer


i’m sorry for the dark photo, i have a new camera and haven’t gotten used to it yet! i love this squig!


the head graft was fairly simple to make. i picked the shouting head because i felt that there would be a certain amount of disagreement between the heads.


this boy has a flamer and a magnetic arm. i decided to use a terminator forearm because i thought that having an absurdly huge bionic arm would be a very orky thing to do. the top half of the arm is a spare from the mek gun set, and is supposed to look like orange flashing lights.


this boy has a meltagun


this boy has a missile launcher from an early space marine devastators set

More Battlemasters Halberdiers


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Battlemasters is a fine game, but there really are a lot of miniatures to paint.  I think that this is possibly its biggest failing.  The miniatures themselves are pretty basic, but that was about right for the time.  But there are so many of them!  I have painted loads and yet there are loads left to do… Will I ever finish?

Dark Imperium Poxwalkers


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Finally finished these tricky bleeders.  I’m not very happy with them.  Like the Death Guard, they are lovely minis that I think really encapsulate the Nurgle plague zombie look.  They are heavily detailed, and you can see by looking at them how much time the poor sculptors must have spent looking at icky pictures of diseases and weird infections and gross skin conditions.  But they are blinking hard to paint.  There’s just so much there, so many different textures, so many tiny details.  In the end I had to accept that there is only so much a boy can do!



The Ninefold Square, Tzeentch Thrall Wizards Warband


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One of the bits of The Lost And The Damned that is often overlooked is the section on Tzeentch Thrall Wizards.  Instead of a Champion and warband, you can have nine wizards instead.   The wizard champion is enhanced by their followers and becomes more powerful in the game.  They can all receive chaos gifts and rewards and all that stuff.  This has long appealed to me, and so I finally got around to putting a warband together.


There are some fantastic oldhammer miniatures here, all of which were a pleasure to paint.  Probably the one I’m least happy with is the Samantha Phox, which is an atrocious mini really – not for the sexism (though it is mildly sexist), but the terrible anatomy of the arms and head (and boobs).  My favourites here were the wizard with the staff and bare feet, and the Hero Quest evil magician, but they were all a pleasure to paint.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed painting them.


The whole warband.


The wizard with the biggest staff must be the champion, right?


Oldhammery goodness


Wizard with a machine gun!


Gondolf the purple


Early Orc Shaman becomes human wizard easily

Scout Squad Fe – Advanced Space Crusade Scouts


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I’ve had these knocking around for a while now waiting to be posted up here.  I am still struggling with eyes, but I’m getting better I think.  I liked the early scouts much more than the modern ones – these plastic ones aren’t exactly dynamically posed but their outfits are fantastic.  I love the mix of military and flouncy, kind of like Prince!


Sgt. Fe and his squad prepare for an infiltration and elimination mission.


Dark Imperium Death Guard


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Sometimes a hobby can feel like a chore and trying to get this lot done was one of those times.  I found them very difficult to get looking this good, and I don’t think I did a very good job at all.  Beautiful minis but there is so much fine detail!


Death approaches


The Noxious Plaguecaster


The unstoppable march of death




Plague Marines in the house

DSC_0006 (1)

More Plague Marines.

A Very Waaagh! Christmas…


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All over Angelis there is a story that the runts tell each other, and it goes something like this…


So der was dis grot, right?  An’ his master was hungry, but there was nuffin to eat in the whole place.  An’ his master sez to ‘im, “Oi you orrible grot, get me somethin to eat or I’m gonna pull yer arms and legs off and eat them!”  Now dis grot dint ave no teef, and his masters credit was no good.  He tried nicking sum food, but he got caught an given a right kickin, and he sat down outside ‘is master’s shack and he had a bit of a sniffle cos he dint want his arms and legs pulled off.  Then dis ork shows up and says ‘Ere, wot’s up wiv you little Stinka” and the grot looks up and sees the Runtherd what raised him and trained him and sold him to ‘is master.  ‘Dat big git is gonna pull my arms and legs off and eat ’em, mister Skabnik boss,’ and e explained ’bout the teef and all that stuff.  Now, the Runtherd in question was a bit odd but was alright, yer know, and ‘e’d had a few jars cos it was Gork’s birthday so ‘e was feelin’ a bit soft.  An’ ‘e sez, “Dat bastard, dat would invallydate yer warranty.  I’ll show ‘im.” And ‘e fishes around in a pile of scrap until ‘e finds a suitable tool, and then ‘e goes into the master’s shack and beats ‘im around the ‘ed with dis big old bell what he found, clang-a-lang-a-lang until the master is proper dead.  Stinka der grot widdled himself with joy, it was der best thing ‘e’d ever seen.  Den another ork showed up cos ‘e’d ‘eard da noise, and he said, ‘Ere what’s going on, why’d you beat his hed in?” So the Runtherd sez, “cos he was gonna eat dis grot”, and the new ork sez, “so what, i eat grots all da time, dat’s what dey is for” and the Runtherd sez “you ain’t havin no runts offa me then, Wortlug yer beggar”, and the new ork says “yer runts are crap anyway, they’z all weedy and no good anyfin cept eatin”.  The Runtherd, he has a think about things, and then ‘e its Wortlug wif da bell as well, clang-a-lang-a-lang, and the grot runs to get Wortlug’s grots who all agree dat dis is da best Gork’s birthday ever.  Den the Runtherd rounds up all da grots ‘e can find and says “come on lads, let’s show ’em who is weedy” and dat’s da story of how come we all got thrown out of Gorkamorka and ‘ad to become Freebootaz.

Something for the whole family to enjoy there, I am sure you’ll agree.

Renegade Runtherd Mob

The whole gang.

Runtherd with bionic arm and flamer

I rolled a grappling hook arm, so this seemed like a good choice of figure.

Runtherd with bolter and power shield

rolling on the assault weapons chart I got a power shield. I don’t think there are actually any rules for a power shield anywhere in Rogue Trader, though I might be wrong. Still, it got rolled so it gets modelled!

Super Grotz

A variety of early grot models. The two at the bottom left are Gorkamorka Rebel Grots, both of whom were missing arms. I figured that a Renegade Runtherd would be the only Runtherd who would fork out for bionics for grotz.

Super Grots - rebel grots

One has a power sword hand, the other has had his entire forearm replaced by a marine forearm with bolt pistol. Both, of course, count as grot blunderbusses!

Super Grots

The super grots have purple-pink trousers and green skin, and they hulk out.

Super Grots Runtbot

Obviously a normal runtbot wouldn’t be able to protect super grots.. Not that I had a normal runtbot. This Epic 40k gargant seems to do the job. Fortunately ork machinery tends to come in one style and a variety of sizes.

Skabnik, da Renegade Runtmaster

Aka, Santork… I think this is a Foundry piece. I really am not sure I want to know what’s in his sack.