30K Imperial Fists


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If I had my time again I would have decided to paint the Betrayal At Calth miniatures in the ‘correct’ Legion colourschemes.  There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. Historical exactness.  ‘Historical’ ‘exactness’.
  2. I have become more interested in the history and motivations of Lorgar and the Word Bearers since reading about them in one of the big expensive Horus Heresy rulebooks.
  3. The Ultramarines aren’t really as loathsome as all that, just a bit over-done.
  4. Imperial Fists and Death Guard might eventually get their own games and then what will I do?  I should have been more patient.
  5. Imperial Fists and Death Guard are really hard to paint and I’m just not good enough at painting to have done anything better than an ok job.

Still, I have one plastic Captain left to paint and then Betrayal At Calth will be complete.  If only I can remember what I did with him…



Don;t look too closely at the Legion icon…


matey-boy on the left is supposed to look like he is reaching for his pistol….


the chap on the left here has had his left pauldron replaced. it was supposed to look like a field replacement, but it just looks crap.


i don’t think that crests suit the Fists particularly.


Gangs of Old Prism


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Every year on the Oldhammer forum we have a challenge.  Paint a model on a theme decided by the community; send it off so that all the models can be photographed together, and then one person drawn at random will win the lot!  It’s always great to see them altogether at the end, and all the different ways that people interpret the theme, and all the different models they use.  It’s not a painting competition either, so monkey-bastard handed noobs like me have a chance!

This year I chose to paint a Ganger.  I was fascinated by Confrontation back in the day, and had a tech gang that I was well pleased with.  Of course, I sold all my miniatures in about 2002 and haven’t managed to replace them yet.  Looking on ebay right now,  some of them are available for under a tenner each, so maybe now is the time…  as if I don’t already have a metric fuckload of miniatures waiting to be painted….

Necromunda passed me by the first time round.  I had discovered sex, drugs, and rock and/or roll by that point, and was so desperate to be cool that I probably wouldn’t have admitted to having ever even heard of Games Workshop, not at gunpoint, not on pain of death, not to save the life of my dear old white-haired granny.   The miniatures for Necromunda seem to be pretty divisive.  The plastic Goliaths aren’t really all that, but the Orlocks are much better, and it was an Orlock that I decided to paint.

Prism is a world currently under Imperial Interdiction, but many years ago it was a productive world, home to a handful of productive hive cities, and the fortress monastery of the Rainbow Warriors chapter of Space Marines.  The Rainbow Warriors took the best of the hive gangs and turned them into Adeptus Astartes, the rest were left to fight amongst themselves for territory and power.  Pictured below is one such ganger, of the Parti-Boys gang.  This gang were later involved in the l[REDACTED BY IMPERIAL DECREE-PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR LOCAL COMMISSAR FOR RETRAINING]t.

Necromunda Orlock - Parti-boy

The Parti-Boys are one of Prism’s most feared gangs.

Necromunda Orlock - Parti-Boy behind.

The Parti-Boys were responsible for the notorious Pog Balloon Incident of 369 M37.

Necromunda Orlock Parti-Boy

The incident occurred when the Parti-Boys took revenge on the Purple Lord, by stealing his beloved pet Poggle, having it skinned, stuffed, and filled with helium, then replaced in the Lord’s apartment, all during the time it took the Lord to move his considerable bowels one morning. The Lord had the last laugh however, and over 700 members of the Parti-Boys were rounded up and kicked to death by the Lord himself, who burned out six bionic legs in the process.

Merdigera the Spawn


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Merdigera started walking the eightfold path as a wizard’s apprentice who couldn’t wait to learn more.  Leaving his master behind he wandered into the Wastes Of Chaos in search of knowledge and magical powers.  At first all went well, and the gifts of Tzeentch turned him into something more than a man.  But like most chaos worshippers, he faltered, unable to master the winds of magic in such a way as to please his malignant god.  So it was that he ended up less than human, a jumbled twist of flesh dragged around by his former warband as a mascot. Let that be today’s lesson!



Squad Aden, Space Marine Assault Squad


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Another quick update, from big marines to littler marines.  The old RTB01s look piddly next to many of the new miniatures.  I have to say that while I am not wedded to any particular scale I think that some of the modern miniatures are too big.  I am not so much thinking of the warmachines, the super heavies and all that, but instead of the AoS giant figures, Nagash, for example, or the Verminlords.   Too much going on, too big compared to the other models… and that’s quite apart from the price.  Magnus and Mortarian are lovely miniatures, but £80+ is too much for me.  Of course, the quality of workmanship is completely different, there’s no denying that.  The RTB01s were the best they could do at the time and are really quite rubbish compared to the modern stuff but they were my childhood rubbish and that’s that!

This squad is a mixed batch of Oldhammer marines; you can tell these were hand sculpted, but that just makes them better!

Squad Aden

Sgt Aden

Converted Rogue Trader marine

Fourth Company, 2nd Squad

Rogue Trader marineTwo RTB01 marinesRTB01 assault marines

The Primaris thing…


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One can’t help but notice that there have been some new Space Marines about.  I’ll come out and say that I think that the new stuff, miniatures and fluff are great.  Part of the allure of the WH40K universe is that it is stuck at a permanent 3 seconds to midnight, technologically and socially moribund,  hatefully fascistic in every way, whilst the sharks circle and none of them are any better.  But Guilliman is a goody, or at least not as much of a baddie as most of the Imperium, and the Primaris marines and all that lot are new technology, new discoveries, etc etc.  Guilliman can undo most of the bad stuff, except that he hasn’t got the time because the Eye Of Terror has turned into the Great Rift and he’s needed everywhere…  The balance is maintained!  Anyway, I bought the 40K box set, and started on the marines, as if I don’t have more minis that I can ever paint already.

I’m pleased with these.  I think I’m getting better as a painter, learning new techniques, my fine motor control is improving, and in general my marines are looking great.  Of course, I’ve already painted the entire 2nd Company, some of which are my earliest paintjobs for the Steel Guard and looking a bit crap… So I’m going to try and spread out the company colour trim, so that all the companies will contain a mix of squads over time, and no one company will be so much worse than all the others.  Except of course the 2nd Company, but maybe they can disappear into the Great Rift…



the flying bases on these are a f**king nightmare. one of them is attached by green stuff, because neither glue nor pinning would do the job.

The Inquisitorial warband of Leontien Ramgarh


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So this is a first for me,  but so many other people were making such amazing warbands that I wanted a go too.  Instead of the intricate grimdark of Blanchitsu and its devotees, I’ve tried to start gently and playfully.  I actually finished these months ago, but forgot to take any photos at the time.  I’ve got quite a backlog of updates to get through!  I hope you enjoy these pictures.

The Inquisitor herself is a Hasslefree ‘Power-armoured Libby’, which I’ve done in blue because I’ve never painted anything vaguely Ultramarines-esque before and wanted to try it out.  It’s a lovely miniature, full of life and movement, and I enjoyed painting it.  I think that I should have painted some insignia and glyphs onto her armour.

Other miniatures in this group are from Blind Beggar’s Outlander range, Lead Adventure’s Astropolis, and of course Citadel – we’ve got a Chaos Familiar, an Adeptus Arbites, a Commissar, and a Battle Psyker.  Finally the robot was sculpted by Drew Williams.


Big Sal’s Dakkagurlz – Human Mercenary mob / Necromunda gang


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One of the lesser-remembered Ork mobz from the Rogue Trader period was the Human Mercenary mob.  I am not sure I ever saw one painted or used.  When I pulled an old metal Escher ganger out of the lead-pile I knew what I needed to do.  With the release of Shadow War Armageddon getting everyone hot for Necromunda action, I thought that they could double as a Necromunda gang, should I ever decide to play it….


The galaxy is a big place.  Beyond the reaches of the Imperium are millions of Ork-held star systems.  Plenty of humans live in these systems.  Some are slaves toiling in Ork factories, others are (relatively) free, ignored as long as a massive tithe of weapons and vehicles are forthcoming (and the Orks have got better enemies to fight, of course).  Some of these humans are feral or semi-feral, living lives not much different the Orks themselves.  Some of them even seem to think that they are Orks, much to the amusement of Orks themselves, who reckon that these humans are cracked.  Nevertheless, when the Orks go off to Waaagh sometimes they bring some of these Kultured humans with them (normally as light entertainment or cannon-fodder); sometimes the humans come along anyway and just turn up, shouting in pidgin-Orkish and shooting at the same things.  Big Sal’s Dakkagurlz is one of those mobz….


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Space Hulk redux


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I finally finished painting the Terminators from Space Hulk 3rd Edition.  They are beautiful miniatures, and I made the mistake of painting them in odds and sods as part of other Terminator squads or as individuals.  Mrs Plunger and I had a couple of games of Space Hulk the other week, so I thought it would be nice to finish them off and bring them all together as one.  The quality of paintjobs is variable, a couple of these are a bit shonky and a couple I’m very pleased with.  Better play some more Space Hulk now I guess.