Chief Librarian Blasst


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The Steel Guard project continues, bit by bit, and here we have one of the senior officers of the chapter. Chief Librarian Blasst has faced daemons and heretics and possessed psykers and really angry dogs, and has overcome them all. He is a fearless battler against the dark and was bloody hard to paint because of all the tricky detail!

Ork Freebooter army update


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Just a group shot!

Bad Moon Warboss, Nobz, and retinue.

Bad Moon big mob

Bad Moon boyz mob

Death Skullz boyz mob

Blood Axe boyz mob

Ork-Genestealer Cult

Khorne Stormboyz

Bad Ork Bikeboyz

Outcast Retinue

Renegade Oddboyz


Feral Ork Outlaws

Renegade Runtmaster

Flash Gitz

Weirdboy Warphead

Human Mercenaries

i think that’s it so far…

Dolorum Imperator Lachrymata – the Chaos Knight known as Dolores


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I had a load of GW vouchers and I wanted to get something that I would really enjoy building and painting and would look amazing and I vacillated between a Stompa and the Glottkin or maybe a Keeper of Secrets but I settled on a Knight for a number of reasons. One: its awesome. Two: Chaos lends itself to soup armies which are rubbish for playing beardy people (because of command points and all those other things that I don’t really understand but seem important these days) but seem very chaosy… you know, hordes of cultists backed up by some Marines and giant spiky death robot. Three: it looks fun to build and not too finicky to paint.Four: its awesome.

I started by airbrushing the superstruture using vallejo silver paint. I’ve never used an airbrush before but it was great. However I did find that the paint rubbed off from handling later on, requiring lots of touching up. I don;t know if I didnt wash the sprue enough, or should have done more layers of airbrushing or what. I wanted to keep it simple as the best hope of doing this model justice, and I wanted something faintly organic, so I used colour-shift paint for the armour plates to give an impression of a shiny beetle carapace, which I am generally pleased with although I struggled with the highlighting. I used a beige-bone trim for the armour, because I wanted a light-dark contrast. I am reasonably pleased with the outcome. The first time painting anything is hard because you make mistakes and do things you wouldn’t do the next time, which is challenging for a centrepiece model like this. I’m not likely to paint another Knight, the price point is too high and there are too many other big ticket toys I’d like a go at before I retread old ground, but it was a fun challenge and definitely one I’d recommend.

Narrot’s mob – Bad Moon boyz mob


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I know I said I was done with Bad Moonz when I finished the Oddboyz, but I felt that just a Bigmob wasn’t really Orky. You need at least one more of the same colour in there. So here it is! Actually, the mob was kind of built to go in the battlewagon. This battlewagon came in a job lot and was pretty mullered. I rebuilt it and extended it and added a few bits. It looks alright but I was too basic with the side panels, I should have put more spikes around the edges and made the sides look like they were made up of different panels welded together. This wouldn’t have been difficult to do, but I didn’t do it because it didn’t occure to me until I was already painting and think, this could look better, and then I didn’t stop and redo it because Orkes don’t look back. I love the old battlewagon model, and I hope that this isnt the last time I get to build and paint one. Maybe when I win the lottery I will buy one for every ork mob I make!

A pair of big ugly b*stards!



I forgot to post these with the trolls the other weeks. The trolls were to pull the chaos alter along, the magician / snot demon rides the alter, and these chaps were to be a roving defender or two. Basically I wanted one champion for fantasy and one for sci-fi. The fantasy chap has been painted as an Orc but I think he’s a Ogre. I’m not sure what range he’s from. Nice vintage mini though, with the funny hunched stance you often see on older miniatures. The sci-fi chap is from Ramshackle Games, I think. Its a very rough sculpt, you can’t quite see the fingerprints but you can see the marks from the sculpting tools. That’s not a bad thing or a criticism or owt, because it feels right for something Nurglish. Enjoy!

A lovely pair of Trolls!


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Initially I painted these to go with the War Alter I posted last week. Both are fine miniatures, from different eras, and I think its not contentious to suggest that the earlier one is the better! I like the big nose and tusks look much better than the blobby LOTR troll-esque look. I thought they’d go well with the Alter, as if they had been tasked to pull it and had stopped to throw rocks at something. But I had a brain fart, and did their bases differently. C’est la vie!

when two trolls go to war…

where’s your god now? sigmarite war alter conversion…


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This is a bit of a one-off project that I painted for the hell of it, though I suppose that over the last few years I’ve probably painted enough fantasy squads that I could put together some sort of Chaos army, especially if you consider all the Battle Masters stuff… which reminds me, I must finish that sometime. Yeah, a chaos army would definitely work, some beastmen, chaos knights, I’ve got some plaguebearers and some pink horrors, some tzeentch wizards, some chaos dwarf artillery. that would make a good army. Anyhoo, when I pulled a war alter out of the leadpile, I struggled to think what to do with it. It was incomplete, missing a horn, and I considered trying my hand at sculpting but in the end decided that it would be more fun to tell a story with it.

Recently captured by a Nurglish wizard, the alter is just beginning its descent into chaos. It has been desecrated in Nurgle’s name, and sacrifices have been made on it to Nurgle. The statue hasn’t yet begun to change, but is degenerating. When enough sacrifices have been made, our wizard friend is possessed by a demon of decay and his physical form changes. Then men will tremble and plagues will run free!

Happy Christmas everyone, hope 2021 is a better year for us all.

Oldhammer Legacy 2020 – Genestealer hybrid!


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Painted this one up for the annual challenge! I’ve been very tempted recently to start a Genestealer Cult properly, using some of the nice modern figures, but one look at the leadpile (and the plastic pile) reminds me that I’ve got a lot of projects on already. It was fun to paint though, I will do some more one day…

Blanchistu cultists (and Sgt. Rambones)


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I love John Blanche’s work in all mediums, and have done since I discovered it – I did my GCSE art written project on John Blanche’s drawings, all the way back in 1994, and I bet I’m not alone in that. I have a particular love for the whole Blanchistu thing and whilst I’m no great painter I’ve wanted to have a go for some time. My first attempt was the Dark Mechanicum squad I posted last year, but somewhere along the way I lost confidence and fell back into old ways. This time I have looked at more models, done some research, and thrown myself into it. I am pleased with the results. Not White Dwarf standard by a long shot, but a good start. Next time will be a bit better. If you’ve got a squad of cultists that have been on the path too long and whose humanity is starting to degrade, then they need a leader who aspires to greatness, whose mutations are more pronounced and less debilitating, and who, maybe, glows with an eerie light! Eagle-eyed viewers may note that he is snapped at the knees and has been glued to that gravestone in order to give the illusion of completeness… this is because my mini was bent and my attempts to fix it were spectacularly unsuccessful. There was some swearing that day, I can tell you.