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A few years ago, when I first started buying miniatures, I found something interesting in a job lot.  It looked a bit like a Citadel Miniatures Mole Mortar, but upon examination it was actually homemade.  What a good idea, I thought, and then forgot all about it for ages.  Coming across it later I decided that the creator’s work should be honoured.  It’s a good job, if a bit rough around the edges, I’m not sure I could make a better Mole Mortar myself.

The original paintjob was a bit scuffed, but was suitably oldhammer friendly – with “death from below”, a winged bomb, and kill tallies painted on.  I didn’t change anything, just added a bit of shadow, some green lines for the control panel screen, and some rough edge highlights.

As I have lots of Chaos Cultists, it made sense that this was a repurposed Imperial mortar, and anyway, Cultists are always fun to make.  These two are well along the Eightfold Path, mutation stealing away their humanity.  I’ll leave it to the reader to identify the parts used.

Finally I added some fencing to cover up the least convincing part of the Mole Mortar, and to make it look more like an artillery emplacement.  Those two had better hope no Space Marine sees them using that old helmet, or there might be trouble!