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One of the bits of The Lost And The Damned that is often overlooked is the section on Tzeentch Thrall Wizards.  Instead of a Champion and warband, you can have nine wizards instead.   The wizard champion is enhanced by their followers and becomes more powerful in the game.  They can all receive chaos gifts and rewards and all that stuff.  This has long appealed to me, and so I finally got around to putting a warband together.


There are some fantastic oldhammer miniatures here, all of which were a pleasure to paint.  Probably the one I’m least happy with is the Samantha Phox, which is an atrocious mini really – not for the sexism (though it is mildly sexist), but the terrible anatomy of the arms and head (and boobs).  My favourites here were the wizard with the staff and bare feet, and the Hero Quest evil magician, but they were all a pleasure to paint.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed painting them.


The whole warband.


The wizard with the biggest staff must be the champion, right?


Oldhammery goodness


Wizard with a machine gun!


Gondolf the purple


Early Orc Shaman becomes human wizard easily