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Finishing off the my Dark Imperium boxset, this Blightdrone. After the trouble I had painting the Death Guard from that set I put off painting the Blightdrone because I couldn’t face more failure. There is so much lovely detail on the Nurgle minis but my painting skills are not really up to it. I hope that it doesn’t put kids off – I know that it finding things hard used to put me off things, but I wasn’t raised in an environment that rewarded persistence. However I am pleased with how this has come out. It took a long time, and its not Golden Demon standard, but I’ve learned from the earlier DG and applied that learning and I am quite pleased. So now I have a small Death Guard army, just like I wanted way back before the DG were relauched. Being a sucker for punishment I have built the Gellerpox Mutants from the Kill Team Rogue Trader boxset to go alongside. You’ll get to see them in however many months! I lke the Blightdrone, its basically a really angry clam! I don’t eat molluscs, but I am reliably informed that they are basically delivery systems for getting heavy metal pollution from the seas into human beings, which is delightfully nurglish.

I’ve also included a picture of my ‘lightbox’ set up, as someone was grumbling about the quality of my photos! As you can see, I’ve got TWO daylight lamps and my shots are still quite dark, so if anyone has any suggestions for getting better shots with that set-up, please let me know. I’m a bit of a technophobe and have not brain so maybe I am missing something obvious!