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Last one from me for a while… plenty more on the painting desk waiting to be finished. Some time ago I backed Midgard’s Village of the Witches Kickstarter, though I can’t remember what it was that I particularly wanted. I think that I felt a box of assorted witches would come in useful in some project or other, which is as good as reason to buy minis as I’ve ever found. These were part of it, there is a witch model to match each of these ladies. It felt like a nice change of direction so I got to work. Again, most of this is contrast paint over gloss white primer. When all this is over (will it ever be over, or have we just fallen into the quasi-fascist dystopia we’ve been expecting all our lives) I must get some Grey Seer and see how that goes. Some of these ladies I really enjoyed, but the posh one I struggled with. Finally the Witchfinder also suffered the ravages of the chaos puppy so he’ll go for stripping and maybe become part of another project. Oh yeah, finally part deux, I’m going to play my first game of D&D tonight… I’m anxious in case I’m crap at it! Seriously need this brain to give it a rest ffs… Thanks for reading, stay safe and take care of each other!