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I had a load of GW vouchers and I wanted to get something that I would really enjoy building and painting and would look amazing and I vacillated between a Stompa and the Glottkin or maybe a Keeper of Secrets but I settled on a Knight for a number of reasons. One: its awesome. Two: Chaos lends itself to soup armies which are rubbish for playing beardy people (because of command points and all those other things that I don’t really understand but seem important these days) but seem very chaosy… you know, hordes of cultists backed up by some Marines and giant spiky death robot. Three: it looks fun to build and not too finicky to paint.Four: its awesome.

I started by airbrushing the superstruture using vallejo silver paint. I’ve never used an airbrush before but it was great. However I did find that the paint rubbed off from handling later on, requiring lots of touching up. I don;t know if I didnt wash the sprue enough, or should have done more layers of airbrushing or what. I wanted to keep it simple as the best hope of doing this model justice, and I wanted something faintly organic, so I used colour-shift paint for the armour plates to give an impression of a shiny beetle carapace, which I am generally pleased with although I struggled with the highlighting. I used a beige-bone trim for the armour, because I wanted a light-dark contrast. I am reasonably pleased with the outcome. The first time painting anything is hard because you make mistakes and do things you wouldn’t do the next time, which is challenging for a centrepiece model like this. I’m not likely to paint another Knight, the price point is too high and there are too many other big ticket toys I’d like a go at before I retread old ground, but it was a fun challenge and definitely one I’d recommend.