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A while back I bought a corpse cart from GW for reasons that remain unclear. I don’t collect undead, I have no intention of collecting an undead army. You know how it goes, all that lovely plastic crack available on the website, your brain goes a bit soft and pow! Perhaps someone did a conversion that I thought was awesome and decided I needed to do it too, perhaps I had a clever idea that faded with the morning sun. I dunno, anyway it was sitting there staring at me and so I thought I’d try and do something grimdark with it, make it suitable for InquisiMunda or 40K or something like that. A project. Well, we all know that hive cities live on corpse starch, but where does it come from? Maybe someone has the job of going out and collecting the dead (and the getting better) and keeping the underhive clean of all those dead gangers. And so out went the cart axles and wheels and in came half a vincent black shadow from the bits box (the things people do to minis), some resin tracked wheels, and a few other bits and pieces. The necromancer driver didn’t need any work really, though I painted a hand silver to indicate a bionic. I have tried to do make it look like its in shadow, with the dark bits really dark and the light bits glowing but it didn’t work especially well. Its all practice though, and I’m pretty pleased with this.