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Two more finished jobs this week.  Firstly for Orctober, a base of Battle Masters Orcs.  Slowly but surely I’m getting on with Battle Masters.  There were over a hundred figures in this game, plus I’ve also got the two expansion boxsets as well.  It takes a while!  I’m trying to do these a bit quicker.  The minis aren’t good enough to justify the best paintjob I can do, but I still want them to look alright.  Hopefully I’ve achieved that.

The other challenge I’ve been doing recently for Bolter & Chainsword website’s Imperial Fists Expansion IV.  Knowing how busy I was I only vowed a single miniature, and only just scraped through.  I’m fairly pleased with this Apothecary though, I think I’ve done a good job here.

With only two days to finish my Oldhammer forum Chaos Villager it looks like I’ve been trying to do too much recently.  Should have started earlier!