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I love that the title of the captain of the Seventh Company is Chief Victualler.  I wonder if he goes to the shops himself, or if he just writes the shopping list and sends some of his company to go?  Maybe they get tesco to deliver.  The Steel Guard are a fleet-based chapter with a Star Fortress and a number of Fortress Monastery-Garrisons so it might get a bit complex.  Perhaps he just writes the menus and hangs around the kitchen harassing the kitchen-workers like the manager at restaurant I worked for.  I’d hate to have to do the washing up after a big dinner for over a thousand hungry Space Marines.

So this chap is a Primaris Captain in gravis armour – which I think means that his armour makes him look pregnant!  I am glad that Games Workshop haven’t completely lost their playfulness.


Captain Rioghaine

The snow effect looks a lot better in the photo than it does in person.

Chief Victualler

I hate painting cloaks. Haven’t quite got the power sword effect right yet either.