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Another couple of Battle Masters squads painted up.  I tried to do these as quickly as I could without making a complete hash of them.  I was amused to note that the previous owner had stuck the flag sticker on upside down.  I think we all did that now and again.  Despite being forty years old and following the instructions, I still manage to fuck it up building these bloody things.  I snapped a trailing bit off a nurgle guy a few weeks ago.  I completely fucked up the eagle-on-antenna bit of the Death Watch biker marine, and have glued the wrong bits onto a genestealer hybrid more than once recently.  An upside down flag is nothing to me!


Halberdier squad

The simple shield paintjobs in blue and white were my first attempt at freehand shields. It went alright, I reckon.

Halberdier squad

The hardest part about this was gluing the shield stickers on. They would not stay flat.

Battle Masters Halberdiers

Ready for action!