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All over Angelis there is a story that the runts tell each other, and it goes something like this…


So der was dis grot, right?  An’ his master was hungry, but there was nuffin to eat in the whole place.  An’ his master sez to ‘im, “Oi you orrible grot, get me somethin to eat or I’m gonna pull yer arms and legs off and eat them!”  Now dis grot dint ave no teef, and his masters credit was no good.  He tried nicking sum food, but he got caught an given a right kickin, and he sat down outside ‘is master’s shack and he had a bit of a sniffle cos he dint want his arms and legs pulled off.  Then dis ork shows up and says ‘Ere, wot’s up wiv you little Stinka” and the grot looks up and sees the Runtherd what raised him and trained him and sold him to ‘is master.  ‘Dat big git is gonna pull my arms and legs off and eat ’em, mister Skabnik boss,’ and e explained ’bout the teef and all that stuff.  Now, the Runtherd in question was a bit odd but was alright, yer know, and ‘e’d had a few jars cos it was Gork’s birthday so ‘e was feelin’ a bit soft.  An’ ‘e sez, “Dat bastard, dat would invallydate yer warranty.  I’ll show ‘im.” And ‘e fishes around in a pile of scrap until ‘e finds a suitable tool, and then ‘e goes into the master’s shack and beats ‘im around the ‘ed with dis big old bell what he found, clang-a-lang-a-lang until the master is proper dead.  Stinka der grot widdled himself with joy, it was der best thing ‘e’d ever seen.  Den another ork showed up cos ‘e’d ‘eard da noise, and he said, ‘Ere what’s going on, why’d you beat his hed in?” So the Runtherd sez, “cos he was gonna eat dis grot”, and the new ork sez, “so what, i eat grots all da time, dat’s what dey is for” and the Runtherd sez “you ain’t havin no runts offa me then, Wortlug yer beggar”, and the new ork says “yer runts are crap anyway, they’z all weedy and no good anyfin cept eatin”.  The Runtherd, he has a think about things, and then ‘e its Wortlug wif da bell as well, clang-a-lang-a-lang, and the grot runs to get Wortlug’s grots who all agree dat dis is da best Gork’s birthday ever.  Den the Runtherd rounds up all da grots ‘e can find and says “come on lads, let’s show ’em who is weedy” and dat’s da story of how come we all got thrown out of Gorkamorka and ‘ad to become Freebootaz.

Something for the whole family to enjoy there, I am sure you’ll agree.

Renegade Runtherd Mob

The whole gang.

Runtherd with bionic arm and flamer

I rolled a grappling hook arm, so this seemed like a good choice of figure.

Runtherd with bolter and power shield

rolling on the assault weapons chart I got a power shield. I don’t think there are actually any rules for a power shield anywhere in Rogue Trader, though I might be wrong. Still, it got rolled so it gets modelled!

Super Grotz

A variety of early grot models. The two at the bottom left are Gorkamorka Rebel Grots, both of whom were missing arms. I figured that a Renegade Runtherd would be the only Runtherd who would fork out for bionics for grotz.

Super Grots - rebel grots

One has a power sword hand, the other has had his entire forearm replaced by a marine forearm with bolt pistol. Both, of course, count as grot blunderbusses!

Super Grots

The super grots have purple-pink trousers and green skin, and they hulk out.

Super Grots Runtbot

Obviously a normal runtbot wouldn’t be able to protect super grots.. Not that I had a normal runtbot. This Epic 40k gargant seems to do the job. Fortunately ork machinery tends to come in one style and a variety of sizes.

Skabnik, da Renegade Runtmaster

Aka, Santork… I think this is a Foundry piece. I really am not sure I want to know what’s in his sack.