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I haven’t really been anywhere, I’ve been painting plenty of things, but somehow never got around to taking photos and putting them up here… poor blogging form.

Still working my way through the Battlemasters pile.  Once these models are all painted there will be two fine armies, although I might need to go back to the beginning and repaint some of the early figures!  I’ve improved gradually over the years and I expect some of the first BM minis I painted will look even more amateurish than my usual output!  If that ever happens I will of course take some bad photos of the armies!

20180924 Beastmen

Savage Beastmen wave their choppers in the air!

20180924 Gobbos vs Knights

Knights Panther and Gobbo Wolf Boyz meet in battle!

20180924 Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights Panther and Lord Knights charge into battle!

20180924 Orcs

Some battle hungry Orcs!