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Another completed box set here.  When I got back into painting miniatures, there were just three games and everyone was crying out for new games but GW were like, you’ll have three and like it.  When this was released we all got excited and expected it to be a one-off buy since them there have been more boxed games than I can count, certainly more than I can paint.  So I stopped buying them, realising that my interests were too wide and my painting not quick enough.  So I let the Warhammer Quest sets pass me by despite them being lovely.  I’ve ignored Age of Sigmar, despite some of the minis being great.  I bought the Dark Imperium last year mind, and am still working on it.. How can a person paint so much?  But this year has seen so many great box sets that I have had to ask for GW vouchers for Christmas… Kill Team Rogue Trader set, Speed Freeks, and Blackstone Fortress all call to me.  TOO MUCH HOBBY!?!?!?!1111

So yeah the assassins are lovely minis, and the chaos guys are a pleasure to paint.  I’ve modified the callidus a bit because the hair was ridiculous even by the standards of the 41st millenium.  I couldn’t let it stand.