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Next out of the leadpile is a rebuilt Rogue Trader dreadnought.  I do like these models, whether long or short of leg they really feel like an archaic machine.  The face on the sarcophagus is great, giving a sense of the inhuman and megalithic!  It feels like quite a dramatic mini, considering how slab-like and immovable the sculpt is.  That’s the sign of a good sculptor, I think.  You can imagine this pulverising its way through a battleline, small arms fire bouncing off it and power-fists laying low anyone who came near! This particular one has been rebuilt.  The left side (facing the dread) has had the circular shoulder piece replaced by green stuff as it was missing.  One of the bolters was also missing and has been replaced with a standard bolter.  Due to the lack of detail this is a challenging mini to paint, and I think I did OK considering how average my painting skills are.