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I fell in love with these minis when they were released, so I quickly bought a box to paint, then left it on the shelf for months and months whilst other things bubbled to the surface of the gumbo of my mind.

These minis are tricky. They were tricky to put together, at least the heads were – I often found that I didn’t have the fit quite right. They were tricky to paint, so many fine details and textures were very challenging. They took months of gradual work just to get them to look this average. Mad Donna, she was the last one started and the first one finished. Still, I learned a lot about colour and clashes and what does and doesn’t work. I wanted them to look like a discordent swirl of colours, clashing and complementing each other, and I think I succeeded in that.

I recently purchased one of Green Stuff World’s portable lightboxes, and taking the advice that I sought a few posts ago, I have tried using black backgrounds. I think you will agree that the results are fabulous, and now my grisly paintjobs are clear as the day!

Finally, I played my second ever modern game of WH40K the other day, with the Steel Guard taking on the disgusting Death Guard. The two sides fought each other to a draw, though I think that if the game had lasted another turn my boys would have been wiped out.