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So this is going tao be my entry for the Legacy Project 2019. I have no idea where this miniature came from. I think its a modern manufacturer, but I can’t be sure. I have bought way too many interesting minis over the years and my brain is kind of hazy about who made what or where they were sourced from. Octopus-man here is called Larry. Larry was once a mild-mannered fishmonger in Altdorf, serving up offerings from the Reik and further afield for rich and noble customers. But a wise fishmonger doesn’t buy goods caught in the Sea of Chaos, though he might buy them if the fishermen didn’t mention that fact. Perhaps fortunately for the great and the good of Altdorf Larry enjoyed a fish dinner that evening, intending to sell on the goods in the morning, only to wake to a certain cephalopodic aspect to his features. Larry skipped town and like many unfortunate mutants he made his way north. Now he is an important part of a marauder gang. He’s not much of a fighter, but if he can creep up behind someone he can twist their head right off. He’s also discovered the ability to predict the results of sports events, which comes in handy!