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Having recently painted Old School Miniatures’ wonderful Bumcannon, I found their recent Baggage Train offering in my hand, calling out to be painted. I think this is a lovely set, though the daemon isn’t as good as the bumcannon daemon. The dwarfs are fantastic though, I especially love the one with the octopus. There’s not a lot to say about this group… oh yeah, there was a fifth dwarf but it became seperated from the group and forgotten about so who knows if it will ever be painted! Oh yeah, part dau, another thing I love about this set is the baggage itself. In amongst the boxes and bags is a small rodent. I’ve painted it as close as my fat gorilla hands would allow to my dear departed gerbil friend Lavender, pictured below on her uncle Doris’ knee having climbed up his trouser leg in search of seeds or indeed a big lump of cheese. Photo included so that you can see that a purple-grey-silver rodent is real and not my disordered imagination :D. Oh yeah, part tri… my first experiments with Citadel Colour Contrast happened in this paintjob. Mixed outcomes, too early to draw any conclusions.