A little warband of gobbo / grotz / nasty green buggers that I put together for Mordheim or Warhammer Underworlds or one of those games that I don’t play 😀 As you can probably guess, I rummaged through the lead-pile and painted all sorts of things. Grotbagz herself, and the gobbo champion with the wolfskin and axes, I think they’re Knightmare miniatures and they are lovely. The mushroom rider is from GW’s wonderful Gobbapalooza kit that came out this year. There’s a squig-rider and squig-herders from WHFB 4, a resin goblin that I can’t place or recall ever buying or being giving, some snot-goblins that came from a kickstarter possibly with a lead chimera, and a snotling from Warhammer Quest 1. Quite a collection of misfits!