So yeah, this is a thing…. My other manchild nostalgia obsession, aside from Warhammer, is Transformers. I’ve been buying and selling vintage toys on and off for many years now, but didn’t pay any attention to modern Transformers lore or toys until recently… I discovered a site where you can read comic books for free, and from that I naturally discovered the IDW series, especially the series written by James Roberts. Well, that was amazing. James Roberts seems to have many of the same influences and ideas that I have, but is actually capable of spinning them into a proper narrative that is a joy to read. Most of the rest I can take or leave, especially the tie-in nonsense, but JR’s work is amazing. Feels!!!

Anyway, so the other year I learned that some company in America had the licence to make Transformers miniatures, and so I had to get some to paint. The cartoons weren’t my thing really, aside from Transformers The Movie, so I think I’ll be aiming for a more Marvel UK kind of look when I paint the next one, but this was a lot of fun.

The big bad himself!