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I love John Blanche’s work in all mediums, and have done since I discovered it – I did my GCSE art written project on John Blanche’s drawings, all the way back in 1994, and I bet I’m not alone in that. I have a particular love for the whole Blanchistu thing and whilst I’m no great painter I’ve wanted to have a go for some time. My first attempt was the Dark Mechanicum squad I posted last year, but somewhere along the way I lost confidence and fell back into old ways. This time I have looked at more models, done some research, and thrown myself into it. I am pleased with the results. Not White Dwarf standard by a long shot, but a good start. Next time will be a bit better. If you’ve got a squad of cultists that have been on the path too long and whose humanity is starting to degrade, then they need a leader who aspires to greatness, whose mutations are more pronounced and less debilitating, and who, maybe, glows with an eerie light! Eagle-eyed viewers may note that he is snapped at the knees and has been glued to that gravestone in order to give the illusion of completeness… this is because my mini was bent and my attempts to fix it were spectacularly unsuccessful. There was some swearing that day, I can tell you.