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This is a bit of a one-off project that I painted for the hell of it, though I suppose that over the last few years I’ve probably painted enough fantasy squads that I could put together some sort of Chaos army, especially if you consider all the Battle Masters stuff… which reminds me, I must finish that sometime. Yeah, a chaos army would definitely work, some beastmen, chaos knights, I’ve got some plaguebearers and some pink horrors, some tzeentch wizards, some chaos dwarf artillery. that would make a good army. Anyhoo, when I pulled a war alter out of the leadpile, I struggled to think what to do with it. It was incomplete, missing a horn, and I considered trying my hand at sculpting but in the end decided that it would be more fun to tell a story with it.

Recently captured by a Nurglish wizard, the alter is just beginning its descent into chaos. It has been desecrated in Nurgle’s name, and sacrifices have been made on it to Nurgle. The statue hasn’t yet begun to change, but is degenerating. When enough sacrifices have been made, our wizard friend is possessed by a demon of decay and his physical form changes. Then men will tremble and plagues will run free!

Happy Christmas everyone, hope 2021 is a better year for us all.