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Last up was this little collection of minis. Mostly Knightmare, with one of Tim Prow’s recent kickstarter as a leader, and there’s a citadel champion of Khorne in there too. As a kid that champion was my avatar in games, it was my favorite mini and I took so much care when painting it, it was probably my best painted mini. It managed to escape the great sell off of 2002 when I cleared out the attic at my mum’s and sold everything I found up there. It often showed up again over the next few years, and I thought it lived at the bottom of a coin jar. It disappeared during the dark years, 2009-10, when my life and mental health went utterly bugfuck, like a lot of my possessions, and sadly has never been seen again. Where did you go to, my dog-faced darling? A few years ago I picked it up on ebay from Brigend Steve and took great delight in painting him to go into this team. Actually I really enjoyed all of this lot. Knightmare’s beastmen mutants are such lovely sculpts, and Tim Prow’s snake-wizard-lady makes a great Slaaneshi champion.

That’s it for now. Inspired by this chaotic bunch I am working on a some more troops for a 40k chaos army, hopefully it won’t be too long!