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I’ve recently finished painting the final squad of the Steel Guard 2nd Company.  Well, I finished it a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t get around to photographing it until today.  But if you want to see what an entire company looks like you’re going to have to wait another day or two.  First of all I am indulging the spirit of Rogue Trader and Oldhammer.


Presented below is a Rogue Trader Marine Army (with a few 2nd ed. marines hanging out too).  These are all the RT-era Marines in the company.  I know the photo isn’t very well taken, but I reckon this would look damn fine on the tabletop.  I hope you agree!

Oh, a squat warlord and a servitor have slipped in there too.  Just because that’s what happens in Rogue Trader.

RTMarines1 RTMarines2 RTMarines5 RTMarines6 RTMarines3 RTMarines4