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So this is my latest piece of terrain.  I’ve been working on it for quite some time, put it down, broke bits off, left it for a while, came back to it.  The usual.  My experience of model-making is limited, so this is part of the learning curve.  My earlier buildings were quite basic, and I wanted to make something that looked a bit more like I’d given it some effort.  I learned a fair bit on this.  Firstly, that attaching heavy plastic bits to a light polystyrene base won’t last long.  Secondly, I learned a fair bit about basing.  You can, I am sure, see from the photos that I changed direction very early into adding sand and static grass to the base.  Still, the next one will be better, and meanwhile this looks like the sort of place Rogue Traders hang out in.  Hope you like it.