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I’m sure that I can’t be the only one who has piles upon piles of miniatures waiting to be painted.  A big box of sprues sits here, overflowing with untouched plastic miniatures waiting to be built and painted so that I can use them as they were intended, with boxed games.  Battle Masters, Warhammer 4th ed, Advanced Space Crusade, Space Hulk, Assassination Force Super Team (or whatever it was called), Deathwatch Overkill, Betrayal At Calth, and Burning Of Prospero are all unfinished.  So!  I will be concentrating on painting these minis from now on.  I promise!


These are lovely miniatures, though what they have in detail they lack in the charm of the older hand-sculpted minis.  In many ways they were a pleasure to paint, though sticking to the ‘official’ paint scheme was quite troublesome –  I find black hard to paint.  Still, I think they have turned out well.