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Working my way through the Burning of Prospero miniatures, amongst all the other things!  The Sisters were fun to paint, and in general satisfied my feminist inclinations.  That is: they’re dressed, and fairly realistic in proportion.  It’s nice to have some women in WH40K.  Now we need some female Imperial Guard, and a rebooted Sisters of Battle, perhaps some female Scitarii and Chaos Cultists, that sort of thing.  Miniatures that are just women, that woman-ness is not one of their personality traits, if that makes sense.  I think that the photos don’t look as good as the minis themselves.  My paintjob isn’t great, but they look pretty good on the shelves but not so great in the pics.

Geigor is the first Space Wolf I’ve painted since the early 90s.  I followed the Warhammer TV method for painting Space Wolves, which was very close to the method I use to paint my Steel Guard.  Whilst that made it easier, it wasn’t much of a leap in style or technique, and I think I would have liked a try at the baby-blue early 90s Space Wolves.  That’s one for another day!