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Now this was a fun project!  The list in Freebooterz is for a Mek, a Dok, and a Dread.  I added another Dread (because I had 2), and seeing as i wanted to use the Bionik Dok mini I took a 3 rolls on the bionik bitz chart, rolling telescopic legs, stainless steel teef, and an extra set of bionik arms with a kustom melta.  For the Dreads I rolled to see how many modifications they got.  I ended up with the first having an extra autocannon, kustom force field and speakers.  The second though, whew!  I ended up with a kustom d-cannon, squig-injection, extra autocannon, speakers, kustom ff, and a scorcher turret…  In the end I couldn’t fit the speakers on it, but I think i’ve got the rest right.  The red one is Da Nipper, and the yellow one is called Hot Lips.  Enjoy!