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So this is a first for me,  but so many other people were making such amazing warbands that I wanted a go too.  Instead of the intricate grimdark of Blanchitsu and its devotees, I’ve tried to start gently and playfully.  I actually finished these months ago, but forgot to take any photos at the time.  I’ve got quite a backlog of updates to get through!  I hope you enjoy these pictures.

The Inquisitor herself is a Hasslefree ‘Power-armoured Libby’, which I’ve done in blue because I’ve never painted anything vaguely Ultramarines-esque before and wanted to try it out.  It’s a lovely miniature, full of life and movement, and I enjoyed painting it.  I think that I should have painted some insignia and glyphs onto her armour.

Other miniatures in this group are from Blind Beggar’s Outlander range, Lead Adventure’s Astropolis, and of course Citadel – we’ve got a Chaos Familiar, an Adeptus Arbites, a Commissar, and a Battle Psyker.  Finally the robot was sculpted by Drew Williams.