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One of the lesser-remembered Ork mobz from the Rogue Trader period was the Human Mercenary mob.  I am not sure I ever saw one painted or used.  When I pulled an old metal Escher ganger out of the lead-pile I knew what I needed to do.  With the release of Shadow War Armageddon getting everyone hot for Necromunda action, I thought that they could double as a Necromunda gang, should I ever decide to play it….


The galaxy is a big place.  Beyond the reaches of the Imperium are millions of Ork-held star systems.  Plenty of humans live in these systems.  Some are slaves toiling in Ork factories, others are (relatively) free, ignored as long as a massive tithe of weapons and vehicles are forthcoming (and the Orks have got better enemies to fight, of course).  Some of these humans are feral or semi-feral, living lives not much different the Orks themselves.  Some of them even seem to think that they are Orks, much to the amusement of Orks themselves, who reckon that these humans are cracked.  Nevertheless, when the Orks go off to Waaagh sometimes they bring some of these Kultured humans with them (normally as light entertainment or cannon-fodder); sometimes the humans come along anyway and just turn up, shouting in pidgin-Orkish and shooting at the same things.  Big Sal’s Dakkagurlz is one of those mobz….


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