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I don’t get a lot of painting done these days. Busy times. We have a special needs dog now, who seems to take up a lot of my time. But twenty minutes here and there, the odd hour now and again, it all adds up to slow work.

This gang were put together on a theme – that theme being Big! It gave me an apportunity to paint a load of classic miniatures and a modern masterpiece too. This is quite a flexible gang, I could use it in a game of Rogue Trader on its own, or I could use them as part of an Ork army. Blood Axes are allowed ripper gun armed Ogryns, but all others are only allowed Ogryns armed with hand-weapons. I could also integrate my other Beastman space pirate gang into this one quite easily. There are also rules for a Big Mutant squad for chaos armies in (I think) Codex Eye of Terror…

Aside: I played my first game of 40K as an adult the other week. It was fun, but my Primaris Marines fell to a Necron force. The main thing I learned is that with Necrons you should shoot everything at a single squad until it is destroyed, then repeat until you or they are all dead. You mustn’t let any Necrons survive or the squad will be back soon!

On with the Big Lads… once again, apologies for the quality of the photos, I haven’t gotten around to making a different backdrop yet, but I will!

Bully Beef’s Big Lads
Pin-head Thred