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Hello again everyone, and welcome to another installation of Bastard Fat-hands Difficult Modern Painting! This month, the Gellerpox Infected are very difficult to paint. I actually got the Kill Team boxset because I wanted the Rogue Trader and entourage, but I painted the Gellerpox gang first because they fit with the Death Guard from Dark Imperium. I am happiest with the Nightmare Hulks, which were a lot of fun to paint. I am least happy with Vulgror, I struggled with necrotised/undead/zombie dark skin. Obv. I could have painted him differently, but I like to try out new things. The VoxShamblers were tricky, in the same way that the very-similar PoxWalkers were tricky. I tried to give them three different skin tones here, but it came out very samey. The sculpting is wonderful though, I love most the hospital-trolley leg club, that really tells a story.

The Gellerpox Gang!