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Final completed work for now, this little lot is another attempt to play with Constrast paints, again with mixed results. Commissar Raine is firmly newhammer, released within the last year or so. I thought it was a great sculpt, full of life and hyper-realistic despite being perfectly in-universe. When I opened the box I was surprised and disappointed. If I hadn’t received this item directly from GW Mail Order I would have thought it was a recast. The detailing is lost, the resin feels flimsy, the pieces didn’t fit together very well. I have only positive experience of GW’s resin before this, and if the internet hadn’t been full of people making similar complaints I would have complained myself. I’ve made the best of it though, and generally I am happy with Severina. Sanctioned Psyker Sturm I am not so happy with. I just could not get his eyes right – I have so many problems with painting eyes, I really am not that good at the finework. I tried to paint one eye glowing with a green flame to indicate psychic doings, whether this makes it even more of a mess I don’t think I am qualified to say. Still, practice makes perfect they say, maybe next time I’ll be a bit better.

The non-GW minis in the squad are two troopers from a Bad Squiddo kickstarter. Nice minis, one of them has a really badly sculpted hand though. Hands are hard and plenty of early GW minis have similar problems. There is also Oleg, who has fallen through a fart in space-time from the Advance on Berlin and landed in a massed battle somewhere in the 41st Millenium. He is fairly clear on his orders though, do whatever the nearest commissar tells you to do, and so he has slid nicely from our dystopian past into our dystopian far future. His hands were well sculpted but his face is a mess that I lacked the skill to do anything with. Let’s pretend he earned the right to carry the banner by single-handedly knocking out a Nazi flamethrower team despite receiving serious burns. That’ll do!

Finally a handful of metal and plastic Imperial Guard that didn’t require much work, Contrast paints really good for simple paint jobs!