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Good evening and welcome to my Painting & Modelling blog.  Rather than faff around with a proper introduction I think I’ll just dive straight in by picturing what I’ve got on my painting table right now.

This bunch are part of my ongoing 40k Alpha Legion & Cultist army.  This is a Chaos Cultist Squad.  The Dark Vengeance chap in the middle is their squad leader.  For Oldhammer fans, there’s an early metal guards(wo)man in the front row, and a plastic Imperial Guardsman too.  The rest of the cultists are various ‘human’ figures from across different ranges.  I like to use colours to tie in the cultists, assuming that they’ll be people from all parts of society getting tooled up and going off to fight for their dark masters.  This lot are about 50% complete and you’ll see them again when they’re done!


Cultists from across the ages!

Cultists from across the ages!