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So you buy piles of stuff on ebay but there’s things you’re not really interested in – LOTR miniatures, mid / late period fantasy troops etc.  Nobody wants to swap them for anything good, they’re not really worth anything, and you’ve got more than you can imagine ever needing for bitz.  My solution has been to band them together as Mutant Gangs.  Alpha Legion agents travel the galaxy, seeding corruption and rebellion on every planet they can.  As we know from Necromunda, mutants lurk in the underhive, angry and bloodthirsty, just waiting for the spark of revolution to be lit…. Or perhaps these are the scum that lurk in Chaos Barges, pouring forth in their millions during Chaos attacks, each bullet that ends their miserable life another bullet that can’t be used against Chaos Marines or daemons…

Back Row: WHFB Skink – LOTR Orc Halbardier – LOTR Goblin – Genestealer Hybrid – WHFB Skink

Front Row: LOTR Orc – Empire soldier (converted) – Necromunda Ratskin – Skaven / Imperial Guard converstion – WHFB Beastman

I’ve tried to include some narrative touches – for example the front row guy with the axe also has a Chaos Marine bolter, but there’s no clip in the bolter.  He’s just showing off something he found but can’t use.  Of course, if he’s lucky he’ll die before he gets found by a real Chaos Marine!  Likewise, of course, the presence of the hybrid.  Masquerading as a mutant during a chaos uprising might be a perfect place to hide until you can breed and pass on the ‘Stealer genes.

Ratty's Mob Chaos Hybrid