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Just finished basing this guy.  Oldhammerers will recognise the model as a Space Wolves Captain from about 1990.  It’s a beautiful model, and one that I felt deserved a special paint job (by my wonky standards, obv).  So I decided that I’d use the non-metallic gold painting instructions by Neil Hodgson in White Dwarf 197.  Whilst I don’t think its turned out too badly at all, it’s not gold, is it?  Still, it’s a paint technique I’ve never tried before, the next one will be better.

WD197 has loads of painting techniques in it, and a Modelling Workshop article on making different types of hedges.  So at some point in the near future I’ll show pictures of three or four different types of home-made hedge.   If that doesn’t give you a warm glow of trepidation then you’re dead inside 😀

So anyway, without any further ado, may I present Captain Niqal Vosuqabad, the Steel Wolf!

The Steel Wolf

The Steel Wolf