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I was given Betrayal At Calth for Christmas.  I can’t tell you yet if its any good as a game, but the miniatures are lovely. Whilst they lack the charm and crazy genius of the late 80s Citadel output, these really are beautiful models.   Deciding against painting the contents as Ultramarines vs Word Bearers (as Ultramarines are yuk, and Word Bearers similarly uninspiring), I had to consider other options.  The baddies were an easy choice really – I’ve already got an Alpha Legion army and have given up ever getting a painting technique I am pleased with for those snakey scamps.  I do want to paint a Night Lords warband – in fact, I want to make the warband from the Night Lords series of novels by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.  I was tempted to use these as a place to start, but I want to use these as game pieces in Betrayal At Calth eventually, not chop them up into individuals.  So Death Guard it was.  Nurgle is my homeboy.


The paintjob was loosely based on the Forge Word painting instructions for Death Guard, along with some making-it-up-as-I-went-along.  It’s pretty hit or miss to be honest.  I’ll be changing the recipe slightly for the next Death Guard squad.  Still,  I am happy with this first attempt.