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Brother Codicier Tan Jemes was recruited from a feral world.  His face has been ritually scarred, with saurian blood rubbed into the wounds, leaving his features a mess of scars and primitive tattoos.  Had the Steel Guard not come along looking for candidates, then Tan might have wound up a shaman, much respected for his powers.  But what would have been the price?  His mind would have shone into the warp, leaving him vulnerable to psychneuin, Enslavers, or worse – daemonic possession.  Instead he was inducted into the Steel Guard as a neophyte, where he was identified as a candidate for the Librarium.  Jemes is a powerful psyker, and has achieved the third rung on the Librarium ladder, that of Codicier.  His feral features hide an urbane mind; he is a skilled tactician, and Commander Melmoth considers him a strong leader who he trusts to lead kill teams and to divine powerful and accurate futures.


I really enjoyed painting this miniature, i think it’s a lovely mini, and I’ve done a good job on it.  I think I should have used a different colour for the force weapon, but I’m getting the hang of wet blending and I think it’s a good effort.



Codicier Jemes of the Steel Guard chapter