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I bought this off ebay the other day and thought I’d share a few pics with you.  This is, of course, the plastic Space Ork boxset.  My ostensible reason for buying it was that it had lots of half used sprues and I’m always on the look-out for old Ork arms and weapons at a reasonable price!    But the lure of the cardboard box helped too.  I think I bought a few of these when I was a kid.  Much better value than the lead miniatures, though to my adult mind the plastics aren’t anywhere near as good.  I’m painting a couple at the moment and they’re not as fun to paint.  Because they’re not as detailed they’re actually more challenging to paint well (especially for someone like me whose still an enthusiastic amateur).  Still, they were dead cheap and enabled you to bulk out your squads really well.  they contained more weapons and arms than you needed so you had spares for your bits box, and the sprues were full of pouches, grenades, armour, spades, binoculars and all sorts of things that you didn’t really use but were considered essential to the full experience.  Enjoy the pics of the packaging!The contents, painted.  Warhammer 40000 boxed setsSpace Orks!Information about Ork families