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So I finished this gang a couple of months ago and didn’t take photos at the time because I wasn’t too happy with them.  But after a couple of months sitting on the shelf I have decided to take pictures, explain the problems, and move on.


Actually it should be clear what I’ve done wrong here… I’ve mixed periods too much.  From Space Hulk to Rogue Trader to Space Hulk 3rd Edition is too much.  The difference in scale and quality between the 1st Edition and 3rd Edition makes the 1st Edition Terminator look too small and too square.  It really emphasises the limitations of plastic models back then, and I’m not a skilled enough painter to cover it up.  I think in future that I will not mix such a wide range of models in one squad.

I Love this sculpt.

I Love this sculpt.

Chainfisthiding at the back!all action!

Sgt. Edaphroditus