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Pulling a plastic push-fit Warhammer Orc out of the leadpile,  I thought to myself “gosh, what am I going to do with this then?”.  I considered a few ideas… perhaps I could put together a Warhammer regiment.  Maybe I could use an arm with a gun instead of an arm with a sword and have it as a feral-looking boy in a boyz mob.  But I wanted to do another Freebooterz unit.  Wait a minute!  Is that a bit of my brain trying to alert me to something… I checked the book, riffled through the pages, there it is!  Wild Ork Outlawz, discovered by Freebooterz instead of proper Orks, who learn Kultur from them and are forever ruined for the Clans…  There were no proper figures for Wild Orkz, you were probably supposed to use Warhammer miniatures, with minor conversions.  So that is what I did.  Not a lot of Oldhammer goodness here, but Oldhammer in spirit.  Enjoy!