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There are few pleasures greater than modelling Rogue Trader Orks.  Lots of dice rolling and consulting of tables, then figuring out how to fit it all together, then finding the parts and building the models, and finally many hours worth of painting.  All the things I enjoy about this hobby!

The two biggest influences on this mob were 1) rolling five times on the ranged weapons chart, and getting four flamers; and 2) rolling five times and the bioniks chart, and getting some fantastic modelling challenges.

Without further ado, may I present Kaptin Durskab and his Fiery Flashaz!

Flash Gitsz Mob

Kaptin Durskab’s Fiery Flashaz!


One half of the mob


And the other half


Durskab himself. He has an explosive cranium and a power axe.


This boy has a bionic arm with a kustom autocannon that is almost impossible for him to hit anything with.



this boy is holding an autocannon like a bolter!


this boy has a stainless steel skull and the flamer from a chaos landraider.


this boy’s flamer was built from an ork bolter and RTB01 flamer


i’m sorry for the dark photo, i have a new camera and haven’t gotten used to it yet! i love this squig!


the head graft was fairly simple to make. i picked the shouting head because i felt that there would be a certain amount of disagreement between the heads.


this boy has a flamer and a magnetic arm. i decided to use a terminator forearm because i thought that having an absurdly huge bionic arm would be a very orky thing to do. the top half of the arm is a spare from the mek gun set, and is supposed to look like orange flashing lights.


this boy has a meltagun


this boy has a missile launcher from an early space marine devastators set