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Hello everyone, its Orktober again, and its nice to see so many people painting Orks in celebration of the happiest time of year.  GW have done well, releasing some properly Orky vehicles and a new game that I might pick up if I find a spare ninety quid at some point in the near future.  My Orktober has mostly been spent packing boxes, as I am moving house, and indeed country.  I am moving to Caerdydd, where they speak a different language.  What’s Welsh for “more dakka, ladz!”??

My contribution to Orktober is one that I’m not really very happy with.  To use a common expression, “they’re a bugger to paint”.  Four 2nd Edition warbikes, and a tiny RT warbike.  He’s the yoof, on his practise bike!  Actually, the RT bike was a pleasure to paint, but the plastic ones not so much.  I simply don’t think that they are very good minis.  The scale is better, but they feel like a cheap children’s toy rather than a finely detailed collector’s model!  I also had to repair and rebuild them, all of them being scrap from the bitzbox.  I think I did alright but compared to some of my previous Freebooter mobz I don’t get the warm glow of success!

Never-mind, its all a learning curve.  I present to you Magog and his Bad Ork Bikeboyz, the only survivors of an Evil Sunz warband who were wiped out by Space Marines.  They survived because they drove right through the Marines and off into the distance, more into going fast than shooting.  By the time they calmed down, turned round, and found the battle again there was nothing left of their old warband.  Now they’re Freebooterz, willing to fight in exchange for food and fuel.