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One muddy afternoon on a battlefield on a planet called Laroche, on the edge of the Coronid Deeps, a Mek called Wazguk and a Runtherd called Skumsol, met for the first time as they took shelter in a crater.  Wazguk complained that his Warboss wouldn’t let him use a Shokk Attack Gun.  Skumsol complained that his Warboss wasted perfectly good Snottyz on mine clearance.  At that moment an idea was born.  Shortly after this the two of them said “sod dis lark” and nicked off with a shuttle,  whatever raw materials they could pilfer, and a Painboy called Gutz who caught them nicking some bitz and fancied coming along for the ride.   Since then Wazguk has been building artillery pieces, Skumsol has been breeding the bravest Snotlings he can, and Gutz has been trying to work out how to wire Grotz into a Dred.



I’ve been working on these on and off for a few months now.  I’m pretty pleased with them.  A nice mix of Oldhammer and Newhammer models that work well together.  The biggest problem was painting Snotlings.  I got so bored.  There were going to be 8 Snotling bases involved but after four, like the Oddboyz, I said sod dis lark.